The Master of Science in Chemical Sciences (MSCB) is a thesis-based program with tracks in Chemistry and Biochemistry. The MSCB offers a flexible curriculum, individually tailored to the student's background and research interests. The program is 33-credit-hours of coursework with research opportunities in all areas of chemistry and biochemistry, from synthetic organic chemistry to enzymology. Current research areas include the traditional sub-discipline areas of chemistry and biochemistry as well as interdisciplinary areas such as chemical biology, astrochemistry, and materials science including nanochemistry. Ongoing projects are funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institutes of Health, the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement, and the Petroleum Research Fund. The MSCB will prepare students to think in an interdisciplinary fashion about problems in chemistry, biochemistry and many other related areas of study. This program is designed to allow students to complete course work and thesis research within two academic years.

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