Focused on creating a music video for Taylor Swift’s “No Body, No Crime” song, this detailed production plan encompasses specific plots, settings, characters, and even casting choices. This plan dives into the song’s origins on the Evermore album, presenting a murder mystery narrative involving infidelity, revenge, and a lack of conclusive evidence, raising questions of guilt and justice. The intricate details involving casting are listed and justified based on their suitability for the respective plot, and the chosen locations to film bring forth the mysterious atmosphere that Taylor Swift lyrically created. Overall, the plan demonstrates a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to transforming a fictional story into a visually engaging and successful adaptation.

The project was created in response to an assignment prompt that asked students to analyze how adaptation affects the way stories are told in different genres. Students had to consider audience reception, the portrayal of heroism, how mode affects a story's point-of-view, and how elements like key scenes and a soundtrack contribute to the effectiveness of storytelling in a non-textual medium.