This essay analyzes the works of Chekhov and Eliot in depicting the prevention of ruin in strict societies. Whether they deserve it or not, characters may face personal or societal ruin. With this understanding, this essay inspects the lives of three characters and how their decisions impact their role in society. Additionally, this essay allows readers to form their own opinions on the actions of each of the characters from Chekhov and Eliot's works. By analyzing the ideas of judgment, morality, and the merit of societal standards, this essay discusses pieces that took place in the past, but messages that still have relevance today.

This essay was written in response to the following prompt: Write an essay in which you discuss a combination of two writers/characters that have strategies to protect themselves (even if just for a while) against ruin (and/or death). You’ll need your own definition of ruin as well as an argument about the merits of the writer’s/character’s respective strategies.