The short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman is a significant piece of American literature published in 1892. This submission intends to capture its essence musically by adapting the prevailing themes of its narrative into song. Through the use of dynamics, delivery, and diction, the song conveys the evolution of Gilman’s piece. The composition includes deliberate tonal shifts and lyrical choices to reflect the story's progression and the protagonist's descent into madness. Selective adaptation was employed, consciously omitting certain narrative elements while prioritizing key thematic events. The musical piece intends to accurately represent core themes and properly adapt the short story in an accurate and condensed format.

This piece was created in response to a prompt that asked students to adapt a short story into a new form of media. Students analyzed both the story's original purpose and meaning, as well as the adaptation process, in order to understand the components of storytelling and how to communicate effectively to an audience in multiple genres.

Wallpaper Yellow.m4a (2025 kB)
Wallpaper Yellow Audio