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Swimming is loved, feared, and cherished by so many around the world. People love it because it gives them a sense of freedom and peace, while also receiving a great workout. Some may fear it because they do not know how to swim, or they feel like there are many dangers and risks to swimming. Others cherish it because it is the only sport they have ever known. In my case, swimming is one of the only things that has been with me since I was a little kid. This remains true for many athletes. In this discussion, I hope to show others how this sport has changed not only my life, but so many others just because it is such a basic need that everyone should have and want to learn. Swimming gives so many the opportunity to be able to swim in the ocean freely, join a school swim team, and it helps further the community for many people regardless of age. My hope in this paper is to argue for the safety of people and for them to become more eager to learn how to swim. Some see swimming as a burden and something that not everyone will do. This is a myth and I hope to show anyone and everyone the benefits and community you can receive just from being by the pool.



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