Date of Award

Fall 9-12-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in Secondary Education - English (Ed.D)



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Dr. Jennifer Dail

Second Advisor

Dr. Darren Crovitz

Third Advisor

Dr. Ann Bennett


This case study addressed how visual note-taking (sketchnotes) impacted students' learning in an English Language Arts (ELA) classroom. The purpose of this qualitative study was to analyze if sketchnoting was a useful tool that students could use to deepen their understanding of concepts learned in ELA. Data from student examination of their own sketchnotes, teacher/researcher examination of the sketchnotes, and interviews were analyzed by identifying quality of work, themes, and assessment questions. The interview questions focused on student experiences with sketchnotes, test score outcomes, and student emotions towards sketchnotes. The examination was a document analysis of sketchnotes parallel to student assessment questions. This was to analyze visual items either presented or not presented on the sketchnote to what the assessment question was asking. Case study research is an analysis of a single or collective case, intended to capture the complexity of the object of study. The object of this study was sketchnoting and how sketchnoting helped or impacted student learning. Through this research, I presented my key elements of this study. The results of this study could help educators understand the benefits of sketchnoting in their classroom. It may also improve student learning and education.