2023 Call for Papers

2023 Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation Conference

Hybrid Conference


March 9-10, 2023

Theme: Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation

Dates: March 9-10, 2023

Venue: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Format: Hybrid

Submission Website: https://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/e-cysa/

Conference website: https://e-cysa.org/conference/

Organizer: Ethiopian Cybersecurity Association (ECySA)

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Digital technology is changing society, human relationships; permeating what we do and bringing digital physical and biological systems together. This revolution is marked by emerging technologies including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and autonomous vehicles. The impending impact is enormous; it is changing how we live, work, and communicate. it is reshaping our aspect of life. 

Technology enables developing economies to leapfrog directly to the information era assisting them to build a knowledge-based economy faster. However, digital transformation initiative requires careful planning, executing, and delivering a usable and sustainable solution. It requires homegrown approach that addresses the country’s unique realities, factoring variety of cultural, traditional, custom as week as country specific regulatory and legal requirements. It also requires knowledge about transitioning from manual or legacy-technology, project management, cybersecurity risk management, and cultural & societal dynamics. 

Call for Papers

ECySA seeks to explore the key factors that facilitate the adoption of sustainable digital technology for tangible and sustainable economic outcome. We invite you to participate by submitting completed or in-progress papers, position papers, panel discussion topics, and exhibition posters in the two conference themes: Digital Transformation Project Management and Cybersecurity.

Digital Transformation Project Management. Effective technology project management is a prerequisite for successful digital transformation initiatives. Achieving digital transformation goal may become wishful thinking without proper identification and implementation and adaption of implemented technologies. it is essential the project management program adapt to the local cultural norms, political aspects, and social traditions. 

Cybersecurity. African countries are sprinting towards digitalization. This quest for digitization may expose the countries to more risk and vulnerability if not complemented with cybersecurity, digital governance, intellectual property (IP) protection, and data privacy protection. Failure to implement these provisions can reduce innovation, make it difficult to scale-up digital solutions, and face a rapidly evolving complex digital threats against critical infrastructure and state-sponsored organized crime. Countries with inadequate cybersecurity measures have a higher risk of cyberattacks.

The conference will explore diverse stakeholder perspectives from academic, private, government, non-government institutions, and practitioners. Below are few suggested topic areas, please do not hesitate to send us papers in other related topics. 

Digital Transformation Project Management topics

(we welcome other related topics)

  • Project management methodologies adapted for local/country use
  • Project Governance, risk, and uncertainty performance domain
  • Defining, adopting, and promoting sustainability in project and program management.
  • Capacity building.
  • Policy, standard, disciplined practice for project management
  • The management of equality and diversity issues in NGO projects and programs.
  • Knowledge transfer and retention in project environments.
  • Leveraging local knowledge in projects.
  • Establishing effective measures for monitoring and controlling projects
  • Use of Project Management Office and Portfolio management practice
  • Project leadership in adaptive projects
  • Project Management in e-service government projects
  • Use of standard project practice in digital technology transformation government projects 
  • Use of Project Management in overcoming ethical/corruption, social, financial, or technical challenges 
  • Applications of the Code of Ethics and Professional conduct in delivering projects.
  • Role of local universities in Project Management and R&D to improve project success
  • University Curriculum and Education in Project Management
  • Project stakeholder management including government or aid agencies mandates that constrain project success.
  • Use of Project results-based accountability
  • Use of Measurable Critical success factors in projects

Cybersecurity topics

(we welcome other related topics)

  • Personal data protection policies
  • National Cybersecurity Policy, regulations, audit, and risk management
  • Organizational level information security policy, standards, procedures
  • Data breach and cybersecurity litigation
  • Identity and trust management
  • Cybersecurity education and curriculum
  • Public key infrastructures, key management, certification
  • Cybersecurity and platforms including cryptography, digital forensics, blockchain, and distributed ledger technology
  • Cybersecurity for IOT and blockchain applications
  • Security-by-design, Cybersecurity requirements in Project Management 
  • Hardware and physical security
  • Mobile/wireless/cellular system security
  • Web application (e-service, e-commerce, etc.) security
  • Threat and vulnerability management, intrusion detection and response
  • Online crime, underground economics
  • Web, online harassment, spam, and fake news/reviews
  • National Cybersecurity Awareness Program and Campaign
  • Cybersecurity Audit Program, certification, practice
  • Computer hacking, Digital Forensics
  • Crisis management, business continuity planning
  • Third party cyber risk management


22 October 2022 Call for Submissions

25 December 2022 Deadline for Submission of Full Papers, Research-in-Progress Posters, Panel Discussion Topics, Exhibition Requests

30 January 2023 Notification of acceptance or rejection of Full Papers, Research-in-Progress Posters, Panel Discussion Topics, Exhibition Reques

15 February 2023 Deadline for Submission of Camera-ready Papers and Early-bird Registration

9-10 March 2023 Conference Days

Leadership Council

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Al Hailu, Call for Paper Director

Solomon Negash, Managing Director

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