Volume 3, Issue 1 (2023) Featuring Excellence in Undergraduate Courses

More Treasures to Find!

Once again, the KSU Distinguished Course Repository is proud to feature courses that received perfect scores upon initial review. This time, the focus is on undergraduate courses.

Looking at the contents of this issue, you will notice that these courses are from a variety of disciplines - from chemistry to finance to jazz. That being said, all of these courses have so much in common. They each contain excellent strategies for establishing and maintaining relationships with students, engaging students with the content and each other, and for organizing and sequencing instruction, activities and assessments.

It is well worth the time to "dig in" to the D2L shells for these exemplary courses to see what treasures you might find for your classes as well. To request access, email the DCR Librarian at DCRLibrarian@kennesaw.edu.

Course Template

Course Designs


History of Jazz
Charles "Trey" Wright


Music in Society
Heather Hart