Instructions to Users/Clients for Requesting Access to a Course

If, after reading about a course in KSU’s Distinguished Course Repository (DCR), you are interested in viewing it in D2L, please follow these instructions.

  1. Note the D2L course code from the course’s information provided in the DCR.
  2. Request access by sending the D2L course code in an email to the DCR Librarian at dcrlibrarian@kennesaw.edu.
  3. The DCR Librarian will add you as an instructor to the course within 48 hours. If you do not have access after 48 hours, please contact the DCR Librarian.
  4. View the course, including the Facilitator’s Guide that has been provided by the course author. You may export the D2L course by following the instructions here.
  5. While you may modify the course in ways to suit your semester context and student body (due dates, minor assignments, textbooks, additional resources, etc.), the integrity of the course and its adherence to a design that meets Quality Matters Standards must be maintained. Modifying the course more than 20% from the current approved version requires new review and approval, beginning at the college level. For questions about your college’s Digital Learning Policy, please refer to the Digital Learning website and/or contact your college’s representative on the Digital Learning Advisory Committee.

You will have access for at least one year, and then your username will be removed from the D2L course. If you require an extended access time, or want access again, please email the DCR Librarian at dcrlibrarian@ennesaw.edu.