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A Course Project Designed to Aid Students’ Understanding of the Structure of Advertisements: An Application of the Who Says What to Whom over What Channel with What Effect Model

Paul J. Costanzo, Western New England University

A Practical Approach to Teach Graduate Students to Write Persuasively for Business Decision Making

Lan Wu, California State University, East Bay
Sweety Law, California State University, East Bay

Cheating Online: The Effects of Time and Distraction on Performance in Marketing Concept Tests

Susan Brudvig

Drivers of Student Satisfaction with an Online Learning Tool

Jerome M. Katrichis, University of Hartford
Andy Wei Hao, University of Hartford

False Advertising and Labeling Suits Two Years After the Landmark Supreme Court Decision in Pom Wonderful Versus Coca Cola: Implications for the Marketing Professoriate

Donald Shemwell, East Tennessee State University

How Well Do Business Graduates Allign With Recruiter Preferences On Hiring Criteria: An Exploratory Study

Michael A. Jones, Southeastern Louisiana University
Avinash Waiker, Southeastern Louisiana University
April Kemp, Southeastern Louisiana University

Student Satisfaction and Perceptions Of Academic Program Attributes

Russell G. Wahlers, Ball State University
Joseph D. Chapman, Ball State University

Teach to the Room

Peggy Shields, University of Southern Indiana

Technology Over-Consumption: Helping Students Find Balance in a World of Alluring Distractions

G. David Shows, Applalachain State University
Pia A. Albinsson, Appalachian State University
Tatyana B. Ruseva, Appalachian State University
Diane M. Waryold, Appalachian State University

The 4 Ps of Designing a Marketing Course with Disney

R. J. Podeschi, Millikin University
Carrie S. Trimble, Millikin University