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College Students Use Social Networking Sites for Sharing with Friends, But Guess Who Else Is Looking?

Liz Alexander, Marshall University
Fred Mader, Marshall University
Deanna Mader, Marshall University

Do Our Graduates Know What companies Are Seeking In An Employee, and, Perhaps More Importantly, Do We?

Michael A. Jones, Southeastern Louisiana University
George Stone, North Carolina A&T University
April Kemp, Southeastern Louisiana University

Greening an Integrated Marketing Communication's Course: An Assessment of Sustainability Literacy

Pia A. Albinsson, Applachian State University
G. David Shows, Applalachain State University

Job Shadowing Experiences as a Teaching Tool: A New Twist on a Tried and True Technique

Fred H. Mader, Marshall University
Deanna R.D. Mader, Marshall University
Elizabeth C. Alexander, Marshall University

Learning in a HyFlex Model

Kirsten Passyn, The Citadel

Students' Attitudes Towards Textbook Types: Are Students Really Ready for E-Textbooks?

Diane R. Edmondson, Middle Tennessee State University
Cheryl Ward, Middle Tennessee State University

The Dos and Don'ts of Teaching Online: Practical Advice and Suggestions for Teaching Online

Anita Whiting, Clayton State University

Updating a Research Tradition by Examining the Effect of New High Tech Channels on Consumer Search and Integrated Marketing: A Framework for Teaching

Deborah Fain, Pace University - New York
Mary Long, Pace University - New York

"You Can Count on It!" Using County Auditors' Data for Marketing Research Group Projects

Julie M. Szendrey, Walsh University