cause-related marketing, word-of-mouth, corporate social responsibility, corporate branding, consumer experience

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Proceedings Abstract



The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility Information in the Consumer-Brand Relationship

Given the increased interest and empirical research in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and irresponsibility (CSI), the interest of this paper is given to the impacts of corporate operational performance (COP) and corporate social performance (CSP) on consumer brand advocacy and brand trust. In this consumer-brand continuum, customers evaluate brand trustworthiness by two scopes: (1) the product or service the firm offers (i.e., product brand) that is usually associated with COP (Rust, Moorman, & Dickson 2002); and (2) the firm which provides the products and services (i.e., corporate brand) that is connected with CSP (Korschun, Bhattacharya, & Swain 2014). In addition, consumer response to brand trust and brand advocacy will be moderated by product involvement.