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Amber A. Smith-DitizioFollow


business strategy, empirical, e-tickets, online identify theft, sports ticketing, professional intellect

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Proceedings Abstract



Perceived Value E-Ticketing as Sports Entertainment Options

Through the advantages of online and electronic ticketing services, the sporting entertainment industry has been able to increase the production and effectiveness of their customer relation management department. While simultaneously minimizing and perfecting the current concerns of electronic ticketing such as; costs, safety measures to both consumers and companies, delivery modes, comparisons to traditional ticket services, and technological sophistication. An empirical study of business professionals in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania metropolitan area revealed that age, amount of disposable income, and education were not predictive of the degree of customer satisfaction derived from the use of e-ticketing for sports events, possibly pointing to the roles of technology and convenience transcends all these demographic variables. Concern for identity theft was not a major impediment preventing customers from seeking value in participating in e-ticketing transactions, but evidence supported the roles of word-of-mouth advertising and consumer trust are still the foundations for expanding the marketplace for online tickets.