preventive health care, preventive health care information, wellness, demographics and preventive health care, lifestyle changes due to preventive health care information

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Who is Making Lifestyle Changes Due to Preventive Health Care Information? A 10 Year Comparison Study

This paper sought to describe from a set of 6 demographic and 13 lifestyle change variables the person who is significantly and positively impacted by preventive health care information (PHCI). Based on past research, six hypotheses were developed. Three of the six hypotheses were accepted. In addition, there were significant relationships for each of the six demographic variables with at least one of the lifestyle change variables. Those who are seeking and are positively impacted by PHCI are better educated, female, and (depending upon the lifestyle change variable in question) fall into a definite age category. There is partial support that more PHCI-oriented persons are married and have higher income. The most important lifestyle changes emanating from PHCI were “changes in eating habits,” “having periodic physician checkups,” “utilizing nutritional labeling,” and “not smoking.” “Getting regular exercise,” “losing weight,” “consuming less alcohol,” “reducing stress” and “changing sleeping habits,” were associated with the utilization of PHC information, but to a lesser extent.