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A Research Note on Street Pricing Requirements in Major U.S. Airport Retail Concessions Requests for Proposals

When reviewing the subject of airport marketing, much of the literature is broken down into issues external or internal to the airport. The external literature tends to divide and differentiate airports on the issues of size (passenger counts) and who is the target of the marketing campaign. Those articles and books that tend to focus on the larger commercial airports (Jarach, 2005; Halpern and Graham, 2013) note the role the airport can play in economic development. Much of the external marketing tasks for the larger commercial airports are aimed at either attracting more airline service to the community or working in conjunction with economic development and tourism agencies in promoting the desirability of the location. Some discussion may examine those few markets in the U.S. where competition can occur between airports, however as airports tend to be dominated by the type of airline in place, legacy or network carriers in contrast to low cost or ultra-low cost carriers, the airlines in place often drive customer choice.