Sensory marketing, fine arts marketing

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The Sensoryscape of Theaters: A Case of Two University Associated Theaters

Live theater productions, must compete with other forms of entertainment offered in the experience economy (Barlow and Maul 2000). An impressive sensory experience that entertains and excites consumers is a key element that can differentiate and distinguish one experience from another (Gobe 2001). To be competitive theater productions should use their delivery facilities to provide an immersion experience in a theater’s sensoryscape.

Theater venues offer a sensory experience that contributes to the service offering and also provide an opportunity to contribute to the achievement of numerous marketing goals. By consciously developing the sensoryscape, not only will consumer enjoyment and satisfaction be increased but plans to return and positive word-of-mouth should result. Goals to increase group-supportive behavior (necessary for not-for-profit and cultural organizations) and attendance will be enhanced.