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Relational databases (RDB) are the main sources of structured data for government institutions and businesses. Since these databases are dependent on autonomous hardware and software they create problems of data integration and interoperability. Solutions have been proposed to convert RDB into ontology to enable their sharing, reuse and integration on the Semantic Web. However, the proposed methods and techniques remain highly technical and there is lack of research that focuses on the empirical application of these methods and techniques in information systems (IS) domains. This study develops and semantically exploits a relational data model of the South African Municipalities Information Systems for Service Delivery. A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is used. The qualitative part of the research is carried out with a literature review and online search for relevant resources, whereas, the quantitative analysis was done with experiments. The research provides a case study of the empirical application of semantic web technologies for converting RDB into ontology in IS.