Aims & Scope

The African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) provides a high caliber scholarly research journal in information and communication technology (ICT). The focus of AJIS is to acquaint a broad audience of readers in the variety of intellectual traditions included under the rubric of ICT in Africa. Therefore, the journal aims at disseminating research on the transfer, diffusion, and adoption of ICT within the context of Africa; the innovation and development of ICT solutions for and within this context; impacts of ICT on society and of society on ICT; and other relevant normative, empirical, and theoretical concerns of ICT development, implementation, strategy, management and policy that are distinctive to Africa and associated developing economies.

Africa, when compared to most other continents remains in a precarious situation. While ICT have made significant inroads into the continent over the past decade and are beginning to contribute substantively to development, there remains a dire need for:

  • The development and archiving of a rich body of knowledge on ICT that is specific to the continent of Africa. While there are a number of specialized journals that cater to ICT research, there are few articles that focus on Africa, more so on Sub Saharan Africa. To bridge this gap and fill this critical need, AJIS will provide an avenue to disseminate research on ICT in Africa and similar developing economies.
  • The advancement of opportunities for publishing scientific research among the citizenry of the continent with a view to increasing the number of ICT scholars and researchers stationed in Africa that participate in the global ICT arena. To this end AJIS aims to increase participation of scholars from Africa and other regions of the world in disseminating ICT research and best practices that touch on or address specific issues in Africa and associated developing economies.

Therefore, the AJIS seeks to provide a distinctive African perspective on the theory and practice of information systems. The journal encourages submissions of first rate research articles by academicians, but also commentaries and reflective articles.

AJIS intends to exploit the electronic medium to its fullest degree. AJIS includes immediate archiving of the journal and an ability to search current issues and archived material. We encourage authors to include audio and video files as integral parts of their articles and data sets.

In all these ways, AJIS fills a gap in ICT research. At the same time, like other top publications, AJIS remains committed to upholding the highest standards of scholarship:

  • All submissions go through a double-blind process of peer review. We are proud to have an outstanding editorial board which works with us to ensure that only research of the highest caliber is published.
  • AJIS is an open access journal. There are NO charges for submitting a manuscript to AJIS; NO charges for processing articles; NO charges for an accepted article, and NO charges to view and download an article or set of articles that have been published on the AJIS website.
  • AJIS commits to abide by the highest standards for intellectual and scholarly integrity. Within the context of ethics and research conduct, the processing of articles submitted to AJIS is informed by the research conduct codes of ethics created and published by the Association of Information Systems. A copy of these codes of ethics can be accessed at: http://aisnet.org/resource/resmgr/Admin_Bulletin/AIS_Code_of_Research_Conduct.pdf. You may need to visit the Association of Information System’s website at www.aisnet.org for more recent versions of these codes of research conduct.

AJIS was founded with partial support from the National Science Foundation (NSF). It is currently hosted at the Digital Commons@Kennesaw State University.