Publication Date

Spring 4-1-2016


While Universities of Technologies (UoTs) regard the adoption of educational technology for the creation of effective learning environments as one of their defining features, there is limited research on these universities’ innovative use of technologies to transform their curricula design and delivery. This research explores the extent to which educational technology has been integrated into the implementation of new and recurriculated educational programmes under the Strategic Transformation of Educational Programmes and Structures (STEPS) at a UoT. The research employed document analysis and interview data from middle level managers (Deans), curriculum designers and educational technologists. The findings suggest that, except for one faculty where educational technology was an enduring feature of the design and delivery of curricula programmes, technology played a peripheral role in the design and recurriculation phases although it featured more in the implementation of curricula programmes under STEPS. The paper concludes that the innovative use of technology, a holistic teaching and learning strategy and training of educators on technology integration are critical in achieving total integration of educational technology into curricula programmes.