Publication Date

Spring 3-5-2015


South Africa is experiencing an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) skills shortage and a limited number of scholars and students are pursuing ICT careers. The provision of a web-based ICT career information platform as an effective solution to the growing demand for skilled ICT employees is the focus of this study. The study is grounded in the network theory of social capital. The aim of the development of an ICT career portal was to provide ICT career information to scholars, students and the ICT industry. Scholars can obtain information about ICT career opportunities and determine if they qualify for specific degree/diploma programs. Quantitative and qualitative data was collected from students as well as Grade 9 – Grade 11 scholars from schools in the Port Elizabeth area. The results indicate that scholars became more aware of ICT careers and tertiary qualifications and students reported an increase in awareness of the number of careers and job opportunities in the ICT industry.