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Despite the growing interest in e-agriculture research in South Africa, academic studies have not sufficiently and deeply investigated the current e-agriculture research trends in the South African context. It is unclear how primary e-agriculture research in South Africa will aid both current and future generations to create new and better ways to transform agricultural development using this modern technology. This study sought to determine the current status of e-agriculture research in the South African context. A systematic literature review was used to gather and analyze data. The results indicate that 17 papers (26.5%) were published during the first two years (2010-2011) and 28 papers (43.7%) during the last two years (2014-2015). The results of the study further indicate that the use of satellite enhancing agriculture (14 papers, 21.8%) was the most prominent e-agriculture research area in South Africa (27 papers, 23.6%). The results of this study show that information mapping was the most used research method by researchers in their studies (30 papers, 46.8%). The results of the study helped to understand the importance of enhancing research capability and socio-economic transformation of farmworkers and farmers through enhanced communication of agriculture research knowledge in the area of agricultural informatics.