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A theatrical perspective inside of the U.S. Armed Force’s silent voice dealing with military homeless veterans

ACCEPTANCE: Training Peer Mentors Using Evidence Based Practices

Acting Like A Woman: Patriarchy and the Performance of the Female Athlete

Adaptability: The Role of Conflict Managers in Crises


Assessing Gender Differences in Sexual Trafficking Attitudes and Myth Acceptance

Atlanta BeltLine: Ecological Utopia or Aestheticized Uneven Development?

Biocontrol of Foodborne Pathogen Salmonella Using Bacteriophage ΦEnt

Black and Blue Lives Matter - Improving Relations by the Police and the African American Community by Addressing Perceptions

Characterizing SpNox Enzyme Chimeras

Christian "Atheism": A New Perspective in Light of Second Temple Judaism

College Students Who Are Parents: Opportunities and Barriers for Success

Compliant Swashplate Design for Model Helicopters

Confirming the Functional Roles of the Ortholog Genes ahpB of Aeromonas hydrophila and hap of Aeromonas salmonicida

Cyber Security of American Nuclear Facilities


Demonstrating the Relationship Between Childhood Trauma Exposure and Emotional Dysregulation Through the Fear-potentiated Startle Paradigm.

Determining the Cognitive Load of a Virtual Substrate Docking Activity in Biochemistry

Dialect of The Coen Brothers

Do You Speak Twin?

Does CPP delivered catalase have measurable physiological effects?


Exposing Patriarchy: How Universities Uphold Rape Culture by Silencing and Devaluing Women’s Experiences on College Campuses


Female Labor in the Arab Gulf: Towards a Feminist and Intersectional Understanding of Women’s Empowerment in Oman

Feminist Bookstores and Gender and Women’s Studies Activism

Flight and Jump muscles respond differently to experimental cachexia and impaired insulin signaling.

Formalist Analysis in Acting

From Social Media to KSU: The Language and Presence of the Far Right

Hard and Brittle: Subversive and Subjective Language in The Glass Menagerie

I'm a Real Girl! - Patriarchy and the Dehumanization of Fat Women in Theatre

Identification of a novel C. elegans CAMSAP/patronin allele via RNAseq

Imprimatur: A Poetry Reading

In What Ways and Under What Conditions are Internet and Communication Technologies (ICTs) Managing Election and Ethnic Violence in Kenya

Individuals with Higher Education levels increase Voter Turnout rates

Linking spatial distributions of injury on seagrass blades of Thalassia testudinum to sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus grazing patterns

Live Gamma Ray Camera

Marijuana use and emotion regulation in college students

Me, Myself, and They: The Use of Non-Binary Gender Language in Steven Universe

Microaggressions of gender towards women in the gaming community

Misogyny in American Culture: A Case Study on Radio and Journalism

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Strategies of Millennials in the Workplace

Next Generation Supersonic Candidate Engine and Aircraft Design

Novel Vibratory Mechanism Designs for Vibrations and Controls Laboratories

Ola v. Uber: The Blaring Battle between India's Locally Trusted Transportation Company and Their New, Infamous Rival

Phil Elverum and American Transcendentalism

Potential for Change: The Power of Instagram as Space for Rhetorical Discourse on Disability

Public’s Perception of Legitimacy Regarding the US Supreme Court

PuO2 and UO2 Thermal Conductivity Sensitivity to Various Defect Types and Concentrations

Reparations for Conflict Based Sexual and Gender Based Violence: Victims' Narratives from the DRC, the Rape Capital of the World

Simulation of a Geiger Counter using MCNP

Simulation of Flow in a Pebble-Bed Reactor with a Staggered Pebble Arrangement

Sociolinguistic Analysis of Asian American English

The 1/8th Rule: An Exploration of Race, Sex, and Dion Boucicault’s The Octoroon

The development of the Saxophone

The Effects of Point Defects on Thermal Conductivity in ThO2, PuO2, and UO2.

The Experience of being Hungry

The Lived Experience of Afghan Women Refugees in Three Metropolitan Areas of the Southeastern US: A Phenomenological Study

The Misconceptions of Native Americans in Education's Past

The Octoroon: Homophobia in the Antebellum American South

The Peace Corps and Youth Development: Returned Volunteers’ Perceptions of Practice

The Process of Developmental Editing

The Semantics Behind Saltwater Geechee

The Space for Uncertainty: U.S. Mediators’ Experience with Ambiguity and Self-Awareness During Mediation

The study abroad model in Public Health: Are we doing more harm than good?

The Wagner Tuba

Udea: Fairytales and Human Trafficking

Unfinished Women

Use of biometric techniques to determine differences in exposure to content when reading and processing metabolic pathways

Using Biometric Tools to Understand the Relationship Between Individual Characteristics and Cognitive Abilities

Why Students Should Story Themselves: The Benefits of Autoethnographic Writing

Write it Out: Reflective Writing in Writing Centers