Publication Date

January 2002


One of the central pleasures of archival work is developing relationships with donors of materials. These people are extraordinary and their activities have changed society. Donors of materials in the author's experience have included an artist whose journals capture the development of a creative vision for his work and his teaching, a famous broadcaster lively only when the microphone was on, politicians who have made great sacrifices to be of service but found great rewards, a famous writer who regards his manuscripts as a bank account he can draw on in his old age, farmers working to preserve the family farm in the face of the onslaught of agribusiness, and landscape architects who balance the natural environment and population growth in Florida. Because archivists are so adept at building relationships, one would assume that fundraising would come naturally. But archivists may shy away from asking for money because doing so might alienate donors and discourage them from donating their papers.



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