Date of Award

Summer 7-20-2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)


Information Technology

Committee Chair/First Advisor

Hossain Shahriar

Second Advisor

Maria Valero

Third Advisor

Liang Zhao


In teleradiology, medical images are transmitted to offsite radiologist for interpretation and the dictation report is sent back to the original site to aid timely diagnosis and proper patient care. Although teleradiology offers excellent benefits such as time and cost efficiency, after-hour coverages, and staffing shortage management, there are some technical and operational limitations to overcome in reaching its full potential. Lack of system integration has been one of the main challenges. Therefore, we analyzed the current teleradiology workflow to identify the challenges stemming from the disparate systems. Image unavailability and delayed critical result communication are caused by lack of integrated systems between teleradiology practice and healthcare institutions and they are among the most substantial factors causing prolonged radiology turnaround time. This thesis proposes a blockchain-based platform for efficient and secure medical image sharing and critical-result notification to address those limitations. We believe that the proposed platform will improve efficiency in medical image sharing and collaboration between physicians and radiologists and benefit patients with reduced turnaround time. While considerable progress has been achieved in healthcare blockchain, further research on governance and HIPAA compliance is required to optimize the adoption of the new technology.