Date of Award

Fall 11-5-2021



Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Chemical Sciences (MSCB)



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Carl Jacky Saint-Louis

Committee Member

Carol Chrestensen

Committee Member

Daniela Tapu


The process of detecting glucose is useful in tracking and obtaining rapid results regarding the presence and amount of glucose within a biological system. Over the past decades, boronic acid derivatives such as ortho-aminomethyl phenylboronic acid have been utilized heavily in glucose sensing systems because of the strong binding affinity displayed by boronic acids to saccharides. This research project aims to develop a fluorescent “turn-on” probe capable of detecting glucose by linking ortho-aminomethyl phenylboronic acid as a photo-induced electron transfer (PET) sensor to an azaborine fluorophore, resulting in the intensification of the azaborine emission in the presence of glucose. This contribution is intended to synthesize an azaborine PET sensor, which possesses a high molar absorption coefficient and higher fluorescent quantum yield compared to the current literature: anthracene (0.27 quantum yield in ethanol). The azaborine emission wavelength is capable of being tuned near-infrared (NIR) by controlling the power of the electron donor- and acceptor- substituents attached to the azaborine fluorophore, a feature currently not seen with anthracene glucose sensors. This research project will significantly improve the functionality of fluorescent glucose sensors.


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The Committee Chair: Carl Jacky Saint-Louis

Committee Member: Carol Chrestensen

Committee Member: Daniela Tapu

Committee Member: Graham Collier

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