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This article applies power-law degree distribution and network theory as a conceptual framework for assessing the effectiveness of Cuban cyberactivism based on an analysis of previous scholarly work on the topic. While Cuban cyberactivism indicates the potential for a more accessible, just, and transparent media environment, the movement continues to face serious obstacles due to extensive controls put in place by the Communist Party of Cuba.

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Neta Kanny is a language enthusiast, with a focus on the Spanish language. She recently graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a M.S. in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies (Spanish concentration) and received her B.A. in Spanish and Portuguese from the University of Georgia. Her research interests include the application of Spanish in international affairs and policy, with a specific focus on human rights and migration in the Latin American region. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. and is inspired to use language to connect with and help others through diplomacy and global development.

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