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The Year of India marked the 34th anniversary of Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) award-winning annual country study program. The program has been a major force for internationalizing our campus introducing thousands of students to the rich diversity of world cultures that make up the human family and helping them to develop a complex understanding of today’s interdependent world. The program draws upon the expertise of our faculty to offer special courses, organize lectures and events, engage in collaborative research, partner with Indian universities and community groups, and mentor and assist students interested in learning about India and its place in a global society.

Rather than simply continue the program’s traditional format, the Year of India witnessed the implementation of several new features including the integration of a new organizational model that seeks to empower academic colleges by providing them with a more active role in program development and more focused intentional curricular connections. The new model also provides enhanced leadership opportunities for faculty with expertise related to the country of study. Finally, the new model provides a very exciting and unique opportunity for students to enroll in an interdisciplinary team-taught course with a very affordable study abroad component.

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