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January 2018


An artist’s creative work can become the primary lens through which he or she sees the world; it is a fundamental tool for interpreting life. But artistry can also teach a great deal about effective leadership. Based on the principles of Konstantin Stanislavsky, the father of modern acting, this essay reflects on five important lessons for life and leadership: The Power of Purpose, The Power of Context, The Power of Listening, The Power of Partnerships, and The Power of Community. After a year of studying Russian culture, history, and foreign policy, I believe these lessons can be applied on the international level as well as the personal. How might a Russian actor advise our leaders in Moscow and Washington? Read and find out.

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Harrison Long began working in the professional theatre in 1986. His credits range from contemporary drama to musicals to Shakespeare. He currently serves as Associate Dean for the College of the Arts and Professor of Theatre at Kennesaw State University. Harrison is a proud member of The Actor’s Equity Association.

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