Publication Date

January 2018


This is the full issue of Volume 12, Number 1 (196 pages).


  • Introduction to the Special Issue by Dan Paracka
  • The Economic Roots of the Cold War: The IMF, ITO and other economic issues in post-war Soviet-American relations by Kristina V. Minkova
  • Lessons on Economics and Political Economy from the Soviet Tragedy by Peter Boettke and Rosolino Candela
  • US-Russian Relations: Dissonance of Ideologies by Elena Glazunova
  • Russia’s Fight for the Globe by Yuliya Brel
  • Russia and Its Neighbors: A Geopolitical Analysis of the Ukrainian Conflict by Michele Pigliucci
  • Putin’s “Eastern Pivot” and the Cold Silk Road: Evidence from the Arctic by Thomas E. Rotnem and Kristina V. Minkova
  • Political Homophobia as a State Strategy in Russia by Nikita Sleptcov
  • Is “This Guy” a Dictator? On the Morality of Evaluating Russian Democracy under Vladimir Putin by Amir Azarvan
  • Stanislavsky Inspired Acting Lessons for Life and Leadership by Harrison Long

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