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October 2016


This article both acknowledges and celebrates the role of women in re-making the nation of Guinea-Bissau. A gendered perspective and historical and multi-scalar framing demonstrates that women have played integral roles in nation-building over time and space in Guinea-Bissau. How have the women of Guinea-Bissau fashioned their agency? Where are the new forms of agency for women in Guinea-Bissau? An examination of nation-building shows the foundational roles of women, unique aspects of innovative economic enterprise before, during, and after the colonial period, and contemporary political efforts by women toward the production of a successful and inclusive country. Gender has opened unique opportunities in Guinea-Bissau toward the promotion of nationhood; gender is also experiencing a restriction of socio-political opportunities for women contemporarily that needs to be checked. Theories of African feminisms and intersectionality help explain this phenomenon. No analysis of community (re)building and maintenance is complete without incorporating the integrity of women.

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