Publication Date

October 2023


A growing number of academic institutions have invested resources to integrate cyber ranges for applying and developing cybersecurity-related knowledge and skills. Cyber range developers and administrators provided much of what is known about cyber range resources and possible educational applications; however, the educator provides valuable understanding of the cyber range resources they use, how they use them, what they value, and what they do not value. This study provides the cyber range user perspective of cyber ranges in cybersecurity education by describing how K-12 educators are motivated using cyber ranges. Using mixed methods, this study explored educator motivation associated with cyber range usage through the lens of Eccles’ Situated Expectancy Value Theory. This research contributes to understanding how educators are motivated using academic cyber ranges for cybersecurity education. Overall, educators were motivated but professional development and preparation resources that do not assume any prior cybersecurity knowledge would contribute positively to their usage. Cybersecurity education stakeholders should continue to support cyber range integration to strengthen cybersecurity education programs and support educators' ability to become better cybersecurity educators.