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This study aimed to determine senior prospective teachers’ coping knowledge and strategies for cyberbullying in terms of demographic variables. The sample consisted of 471 prospective teachers (324 female and 147 male) studying in the 4th grade in Dokuz Eylül University Buca Education Faculty in Izmir in the 2019-2020 academic year. It was a quantitative study using a causal-comparative research design to find out whether prospective teachers’ coping knowledge differed by independent variables. The "Coping with Cyberbullying Scale" developed by Koç et al. (2016) was employed to discover prospective teachers’ coping strategies for cyberbullying. A "Personal Information" form was also prepared to collect demographic information. The data were analyzed with SPSS 25.0 program. Since the dependent variables did not have a normal distribution, the differences between the variables with two groups were analyzed with the Mann-Whitney U test, and the variables with three or more groups were analyzed with the Kruskal-Wallis H test. The findings suggested that the prospective teachers’ cyberbullying coping knowledge level was moderate. Other findings were discussed in the discussion section.