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Master of Science in Engineering Technology - Electrical

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Dr. Florian Misoc


Manufacturing industry accounts for about one third of total energy use worldwide. Roughly three quarters of industrial energy use is related to the production of energy-intensive commodities such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, non-metallic mineral materials, and pulp and paper. In these sectors, energy costs constitute a large proportion of total production costs, so managers pay particular attention to driving them down. As a result, the scope to improve energy efficiency tends to be less in these most energy intensive sectors than in those sectors where energy costs form a smaller proportion of total costs, such as the buildings and transportation sectors. A design of a small power generating system by using renewable energy sources, wind and solar by means of pumped-storage to replace the wind and/or solar power systems with a battery bank energy storage. This research evaluates the energy efficiency of wind and solar pumped-storage power generation system, and it demonstrates that it is well suited for remote residential applications with intermittent wind and/or solar energy. Through design and cost analysis, it is shown how this type of power systems, could be a very good alternative, with economic benefits and positive social effect. The advantage of pumped storage power system is evaluated, for conditions of intermittent wind, showing a significant improvement of power regulation, resulting in a power-on-demand system capability, concomitant to extra economic benefits. It also evaluates how a solar car can be used especially in a remote areas where gas and natural resources are not available.