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Dr. Tak Cheung Chan

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Dr. Mary Chandler

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Dr. Charles Bowen


The results from the study have shown that the 7 Mindsets: Ultimate Life Summit program has a positive impact on the perception of students’ growth in both grit and resilience. Participants’ growth was shown through the use of the Grit Scale and the Resilience Scale of Children and Adolescents (RSCA) scale. This study is purposeful and timely. It examines the non-cognitive side of education – grit and resilience development in adolescents in an era when adolescents are struggling emotionally at school and at home. The study included forty-five students between the ages of ten and eighteen from ten different countries. These students participated in the week-long 7 Mindsets: Ultimate Life Summit Program. This program includes the teaching of seven mindsets termed by the founders and shared by the most successful and happy people in the world according to their research (Shickler & Waller, 2011).

In analyzing the quantitative data regarding grit, the study revealed a noticeable impact between the students’ self-perception of grit before and after the 7 Mindsets: Ultimate Life Summit program. In analyzing the quantitative data regarding resilience, the study revealed a significant difference between the students’ self-perception of resilience before and after the 7 Mindsets: Ultimate Life Summit program. One out of the three subscales, Sense of Mastery, showed a significant difference. The Sense of Relatedness subscale did not show a significant difference but did show a slight increase in scores. As expected, the Emotional Reactivity subscales showed a negative relationship as it had negatively phrased statements regarding sensitivity, recovery, and impairment.

Additionally students’ responses to two open-ended questions complemented the answers to the two research questions. The student answers to the two open-ended questions revealed that the most memorable moments of the training included the service project, the talent show, and the sharing of the individual anecdotal and personal stories of adversity and success. The positive environment where new relationships and socially engaging bonds were made allowed for the participants to be more open to change. The student responses also revealed that they viewed the experience as one of life changing proportions; after the program they perceived themselves as more courageous and confident to face life struggles and adversity.

The most significant findings of this study were the participants’ personal voices to the open-ended questions. The changes the adolescents saw within themselves after a week of learning about seven mindsets focused on possibilities, passions, connectivity, accountability, gratitude and giving became the foundation of a life-changing experience. Program participants have learned to take action by completing a “Life Plan” and reflecting it on their ability to create a blueprint of their future as people living with purpose.