Ezavier Miller

Semester of Creation


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Dr. Brandi Bradley

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Course Title

Composition I

Description of Work

A person found themselves in Clayton County, and they see all the various wing spots and wonder why? Well because wings are the official unofficial food for Clayton County. The first part is Clayton County has a large concentration of wing spots within Georgia. If everyone goes on to an online map of clayton county then search for wing places anyone will see Forest Park, Jonesboro, Riverdale, and Stockbridge has one of the most concentrated areas of wing spot. Anybody can always find another place selling wings even if they do miss one while moving about in Clayton County. Keep moving, there is a guarantee there will be another one super close to it. Clayton County has a heavy influence when it comes to wings, and there are many places that thrive from this influence. they are most likely to see American Deli a famous wing spots and a local business selling wing right next to it, and there are way more popular spots other than American Deli out there selling wings.

Description of Assignment

Abstract for The Geographical Area Unofficial but Should Be Official Argument Geographical areas have things they specialize in or are known for. Students were asked to select something from their hometown (either birth home, current home, or aspirational home) and build an argument establishing that what they selected is the unofficial icon of that hometown. Students used the Toulmin Style for their arguments and based them on their own insights as residents of that geographical area. The purpose of the assignment was to ask students to pay attention to the space that shaped them and understand what makes it special.



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