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Date of Submission

Fall 12-6-2021

Project Type

Senior Design


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering

Primary Advisor

Dr. Adeel Khalid


Traffic is a problem in all major cities and while it can be improved, it will likely never be eliminated. Both the Kennesaw and Marietta campus of Kennesaw State University (KSU) experience traffic delays during peak class periods. To remedy this problem on the KSU Marietta campus, data was collected at different hours of the day over a few weeks at the South Marietta Pkwy/West Main Entrance SE intersection. This data was used in simulations to determine whether the best solution to decrease traffic would be to alter the timing of the traffic lights or construct a right turning lane out of campus. Based on analysis, including a cost-benefit economic interpretation, it is suggested that constructing a right turning lane out of campus is the best solution to the problem.

Final_Report_Updated.pdf (1572 kB)
KSU Traffic: Optimizing Campus Flow Report

Team Traffic Optimizers Poster.pdf (442 kB)
KSU Traffic: Optimizing Campus Flow Poster

ISYE4900_FDR.pptx (3400 kB)
KSU Traffic: Optimizing Campus Flow Presentation