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POLS 2401 Global Issues is an introductory survey course designed to introduce the students to numerous current issues confronting the globe's policy-makers and populations. The course provides an opportunity for diversity in the students' educational program and presents information that fosters global understanding and engagement. This course has several key objectives. By the end of the course students should be able to identify and describe some major political, economic, social, and environmental issues confronting the global community and discuss the underlying reasons for a lack of resolution to major threats to peace and stability in the world.

POLS 2401 is part of KSU’s General Education Core Curriculum program. More specifically, it is part of Area B2 for Critical Thinking skills in the Institutional Options section. For Area B2, students may select one of 22 listed courses, and POLS 2401 is one of the 22 courses. There are no pre-requisites for the course, and it is taken by all levels of undergraduate students across all majors and disciplines.

This POLS 2401 course was designed as a template course for the School of Government and International Affairs. Faculty have the option of developing their own version of POLS 2401, or using this template course. This is particularly helpful with part-time faculty who are often brought in to teach core courses. The template course reduces their workload in preparing to teach, and it provides some consistency across the School on how the course is taught.

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For the Radow College of Humanities and Social Sciences, all online courses will be reviewed for compliance with sections A and B of the KSU Course Quality Checklist standards.

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