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Elementary and Early Childhood Education

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ECE 3330

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Teacher candidates in this course will explore the relationship of reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the context of the diverse elementary classroom, grades 3-5, They will use practical, research-based strategies for assessment, instruction, management, and differentiation of reading comprehension and writing composition. Throughout literature circles with culturally responsive novels and field experience, they will use technology and a wide range of resources to extend literacy skills for all learners.

Major Assessments

Dyslexia Modules and Quiz

Professional Reading Reflections

Literature Circle Reflections, highlighting Culturally Responsive Novels

Group Presentations, emphasizing Research-Based Literacy Strategies

ECE 3330 Signature Assignments Include:

Assessment Analysis for an Elementary Student in Grades 3-5

Lesson Plans for an Elementary Student in Grades 3-5

Field Logs for a 20-Hour Field Experience in an Elementary Classroom


Online (Asynchronous)

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Field Experience Course

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This is the second course in a series of literacy courses for teacher candidates in the EECE Department. Teacher candidates will read culturally responsive novels, discuss them in literature circles, and prepare group presentations based on the insights they glean. Class activities and resources coordinate with a 20-hour field experience with a student in grades 3-5.

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