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History of Jazz

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School of Music

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This course is an in-depth study of jazz styles, historical periods, and innovative artists in the jazz idiom.

Major Assessments

This course is graded out of a total of 1523 points broken up as follows:

Weekly Quizzes (no quiz week 15!): 32 points each x 14 = 448

Discussion Posts: 25 points each x 13 = 325

Assignments: total of 750 points broken down as follows:

  • 3 written assignments worth 50 points each = 150
  • 2 Listening Journals (due week 8 and 14) worth 150 points each = 300
  • 1 Research Project (due week 15) worth 300 points


Online (Asynchronous)

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MUSI 3319 History of Jazz was created to meet the Jazz History requirement of the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) standards for Bachelor of Music degrees in Jazz Performance. Students in the Bailey School of Music take this course in the Fall of their Junior or Senior years depending on the course rotation. In Fall 2021, the course was revised to include a research component and several students have presented their Jazz History Research Projects at the COTA Undergraduate Research Forum.

This asynchronous course design was created by Senior Lecturer of Jazz Studies Trey Wright as a final project as part of a College of the Arts bootcamp in the Summer of 2014. The course uses a wide range of technology including multi-media Soft Chalk lectures, Youtube videos, embedded Spotify Playlists, and instructor performance demonstrations.