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Music in Society

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This course examines the role of music in society through a study of musical works within their cultural and historical contexts. Course assignments develop skills in critical analysis and global perspectives as well as an understanding of the creative process.

Major Assessments

  • Listening Assignments: guided listening activities
  • Review Quizzes for each chapter: The quizzes involve multiple multiple choice, true/false, fill-in, matching, multi-select, and short answer questions, as well as listening examples, diagrams, and images
  • Discussion posts: Introductory Post; American Music post
  • Assignments involving short answer and essay questions: Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra; Palestrina and the Pope
  • Lecture Videos: Interview - Indian Violin
  • Final Exam: comprehensive test covering all material from the Unit Review assignments. The Final Exam in this course focuses on the ability to identify and discuss the styles, genres, and concepts covered in the readings, lectures, assignments, and discussions. Exam items will include multiple choice, true/false, fill-in, matching, multi-select, and short answer questions, as well as listening examples, diagrams, and images.
  • Optional Assignments: including lecture videos covering the materials of music recorded by the course professor, and a Netflix video.


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Music in Society Maymester

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