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Elementary and Early Childhood Education

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The purpose of this course is to foster abilities to teach, assess, and critically reflect on STEM learning that supports authentic engagement in interdisciplinary design and inquiry. Students will engage in making connections to STEM research literature with learning and teaching practice. Field placement in a K-5 learning environment is required for this course, which is typically fulfilled through a candidate’s full time teaching position. Other arrangements are permitted but not provided. This placement is the responsibility of the candidate.

Major Assessments

-Design and implement a STEM unit in a classroom setting

-Analyze teaching practice and student work for evidence of STEM learning

-Critical reflection of teaching practice

-Discussion and synthesis of related STEM research articles

-Final project of publication or presentation for other teachers based on synthesis of STEM research articles, STEM unit, and student work providing evidence for STEM learning


Online (Asynchronous)

Special Designations

Field placement in K-5 Classroom required

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This course is the third course in a newly approved STEM endorsement for Elementary and Early Childhood teachers. It has not yet been taught, so the D2L code looks odd.

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