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Elementary and Early Childhood Education

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Learners in this course will use a critical lens to examine the challenges and opportunities that students, teachers, families, and leaders in urban contexts face related to opportunity gaps, classroom management, assessment, special education, gifted education, and retention. Learners will complete field-based assignments and will think analytically about and develop a research-based advocacy plan to advocate for change regarding a critical issue in urban schools.

Major Assessments

1. Written Response (Advocacy as a Practice of Critical Teacher Leadership)

2. Written Response (Creative Insubordination Scenario)

3. Personal Advocacy Plan with SMART goals (Version 1.0)

4. Critical Reading Summary and Comparison of Classroom Management Frameworks

5. Classroom Management and Disciplinary Policy Revision

6. Advocacy Presentation (Classroom Management)

7. Disproportionality in Identification Case Study Analysis

8. Op Ed-Disproportionality in Gifted Education

9. Children’s Literature Examination, Evaluation, and Implementation

10. Personal Advocacy Plan with SMART goals (Version 2.0)


Online (Asynchronous)

Special Designations

This is the third course in an Urban Education endorsement series.

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