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This course addresses the development of visual literacy including concepting, initial approaches of creating an encompassing aesthetic, creating timelines for production, and exploring the refining aspects of creative production. Students will devise an advanced creative problem and provide a documented account of their creative journey to present as a process journal at the end of the course.

Major Assessments

There are five projects delivered in Learning Modules that make up the priority work to be completed for success in the course. Students explore creating a pitch-book for animation and creating concept art for this course. Projects have parameters that are delineated in each learning module for optimal outcome. Projects are visual in nature and serve to be assets and work in tandem with the ART 7000 Thesis: Systemic Inquiry or ART 7050: Project Systemic Inquiry in a final exiting portfolio from the graduate program.


Online (Synchronous)

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D2L reviewed by Ashley Moore and Robert Swift with Digital Learning Innovations

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I am submitting the initial D2L course shell used to create this course before delivery in Fall 2021. Please look at the project sheets in the Learning Modules for a complete understanding of the scope of the work created in this course.