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Exercise Science and Sport Management

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This course will provide students with an overview of recreation programming across the age spectrum and diverse populations. Leisure programming trends and niche marketing are examined as well. This course also facilitates the understanding and application of the recreation program process for leisure delivery systems including an introduction to activity plans, program design, delivery and evaluation.

This class uses a hybrid format which gives students some flexibility and independence. It also allows for "flex time" for our high impact learning activies. The class performs service learning directly related to the course topic through volunteering with recreation programs both on campus at KSU and in the community.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify and describe examples of the wide spectrum of leisure programming beyond sport-oriented options
  2. Differentiate between programming across the age spectrum and special populations
  3. Analyze a non-sport recreation program personal experience
  4. Participate in experiential learning that engages with the campus and external community
  5. Collaborate with classmates to create and evaluate a recreation program for specific populations

Major Assessments

aligns with learning outcomes above

  1. in-class activities, quizzes
  2. in-class activities, quizzes
  3. service learning & observation reflection papers
  4. service learning reflection papers
  5. program plan, program plan presentation, peer evaluation



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service learning

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