Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2022

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Saleh Uddin

Secondary Advisor

Zamila Karimi


A quarry is an excavation or open pit mine that does not mine for minerals like copper, gold diamonds or any other precious gemstones but for materials that are mainly used in the building industry from the surface of the earth. As this process takes place the dust from this process is released in the atmosphere and when the process is complete the pit is usually not buried. What usually remains are the left-over debris and water from the rain which forms an artificial lake. If unattended, Pit Lakes, as they are called, become dumping grounds. This research will aim to focus on the Vulcan Materials Company Quarry in Norcross, Ga. In a country where urban sprawl has devoid the communities of quality public spaces can this opportunity provide and bridge the gaps in our urban environment through the notion of adaptive reuse? My research will focus on the positive and or negative impact, environmentally, socially, and economic that the quarry has caused to the area and the city of Norcross. Is revitalization and Reintegration back to the community through a different design process of reusing the created pit possible?

This thesis will aim to introduce new integrated designs to help people individually and by designing a healthy, environmentally focused, and desirable space for the community that also benefits the surrounding communities. With a program that allows for areas of the site that the public can interact with one another, this Thesis will aim to improve those interactions that are missing around the surrounding areas of the site. The quarry will provide a public space as an adaptive reuse project that celebrates the stripped landscape. This Thesis will also aim to create new spaces for social interaction in a neighborly environment that offer opportunities of leisure, entertainment, and interactive education experiences.

Included in

Architecture Commons