Date of Submission

Spring 5-9-2022

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Arash Soleimani, PhD.


This is a proposal for a waste management facility to be built in the busy city of Beirut to educate the public and prevent further damage to the environment‭.‬

This facility collects‭, ‬transports‭, ‬processes‭, ‬recycles‭, ‬and monitors waste materials from both businesses and private residences‭. ‬There is a sorting and processing wing to separate waste into different categories‭. ‬

Proper incineration of certain types of waste will generate green energy and the gases emitted from the decomposition of trash in landfills can be used as a renewable energy source‭. ‬Through the use of extremely high temperatures‭, ‬trash is converted into clean‭, ‬renewable energy which is used to light homes and heat buildings‭. ‬Emissions from the waste are thoroughly cleaned using a type of air-quality-control system to ensure no harmful pollutants enter the atmosphere‭.‬

Waste that cannot be burned safely is sent to a landfill which is specifically engineered for safe‭, ‬environmentally sound‭, ‬long‭-‬term disposal‭. ‬This trash is compacted and careful measures are taken to ensure the protection of surrounding land‭, ‬air‭, ‬and water supply‭.‬

This proposal introduces a new typology to the country and educates the public on their harmful ways of living while addressing‭ ‬the waste crisis by providing a reliable‭, ‬clean solution to the electricity shortage‭.‬