Date of Submission

Spring 5-4-2020

Degree Type

Undergraduate Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Architecture



Committee Chair/First Advisor

Selen Okcu


If a senior was able to live within a network of family and friends who could ensure a good quality of life was being met, as well as live in a space that was intentionally designed with their accessibility needs in mind, the independence and health of the senior can be well maintained into the final stages of their life. I am proposing the development of premanufactured homes which are designed specifically to address a senior's accessibility and care needs. These homes will be placed on the property of the existing home of the senior, their loved ones, or a surrogate family as an auxiliary dwelling unit. This will create a space where the senior can be actively looked after by someone dedicated to their care and quality of life, as well as prevent the senior from being uprooted into a harsh or unknown environment. Because these units would be premanufactured, they will be customizable to meet an individual's specific needs, as well as address unique site conditions while keeping the cost of the unit lower than other housing options. A pre manufactured unit will also have the opportunity to be more sustainable, reducing the environmental impact of its construction, and reducing the daily operation cost of the home for the senior. When multiple Units are present in a single neighborhood, they will be connected by a "Senior Street" which will move through the existing properties providing seniors private access to their units, and helping maintain their independence. The Senior Street also creates a thoroughfare which directly connects the resident seniors with one another, further strengthening the social fabric of the larger community. By following this Non-Traditional Path, seniors will be able to ensure their own physical and financial security, while living in a space where they can age gracefully and independently.

Included in

Architecture Commons