CFP- Open Access Week 2023

Call for Reviewers

The All Things Open Committee is looking for proposal reviewers for Open Access Week 2023. Reviewers should be knowledgeable about current themes of open scholarship and willing to provide prompt submission reviews during the first two weeks of August. A rubric will be provided for scoring. Time commitment is estimated to be 3 hours total or less; if this time commitment is too high, interested reviewers should share the number of reviews they are willing to complete. This is an unpaid position; however, it is a service opportunity and reviewers will be acknowledged on the ATO site. Interested parties must email by July 20, 2023.

Call for Captioners

The All Things Open Committee is looking for volunteers to correct and clean machine-created captions using the Kaltura MediaSpace system. Experience with Kaltura is a plus, but new captioners looking to build their skills are very welcome. A style guide will be provided. Captioners should be willing to provide 5 hours of captioning during November 1-7, 2023. This is an unpaid position, but captioners will be acknowledged on the ATO site. Interested parties should email by July 20, 2023.

Call for Proposals

The Kennesaw State University (KSU) Libraries invite all interested parties to submit a proposal for inclusion at our Open Access Week 2023, October 23-26, an international series of events dedicated to raise awareness around the importance of community control of knowledge sharing systems. If you are passionate about how open scholarship prioritizes the best interests of the public and the academic community, consider sharing your perspective.

The All Things Open (ATO) Committee is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their selection process. With that in mind, we ask that all proposals explicitly address how their proposed presentation is inclusive of multiple perspectives. Presentations about specific communities should include members of that community in their speaker list.


The ATO Committee at KSU is accepting Open Access Week 2023 proposals related to the following tracks:

  • Building and Sustaining Open Communities
    • Have you collaborated with other organizations on projects which included open access materials or resources? Do you champion open access in your community? How does your work with open access look to the future and foster sustainable projects and supportive partnerships?
  • Community over Commercialization
    • How have you engaged with pressures to commercialize knowledge in your communities? What is the cost of corporations controlling knowledge production rather than researchers themselves? What options (such as preprint servers, repositories, and open publishing platforms) do you see and/or use to center community control for the benefit of the public, research communities, and scholars?
  • Open Educational and Research Practices
    • How do you use Open Pedagogy and/or Open Educational Resources in the classroom or your research? Do you contribute to collaborative Open Science, Open Data, or Open Source projects? Has your institution adopted an Open Science policy, or have you been approved for a grant which stipulates your methods must be shared openly?
  • Open Legalities
    • How do you navigate copyright and legalities in your Open Access practice? Have you had to become an unofficial copyright expert? Have you been able to use or create open works despite copyright stipulations? Have you utilized fair use best practices in Open Educational Resources? Have you found a creative way to open a door to Open Access?

Session Types

Open Access Week 2023 at KSU offers three session types from which presenters may choose. Please be prepared to commit to your preference at the time of proposal submission.

  • Lightning Talks
    • The duration of a Lightning Talk is 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes reserved for questions at the conclusion of the talk. This means the total time allotted to Lightning Talks is 20 minutes. This session type is ideal for quick reviews of tools or experiences.
  • Presentations
    • The duration of a Presentation is 40 minutes, with an additional 5-10 minutes reserved for questions at the conclusion of the presentation. This means the total time allotted to Presentations is 45-50 minutes. The Committee encourages presenters to consider fun, interactive presentations that highlight their open access expertise.
  • Q&A Panel Discussions
    • The duration of a Q&A Panel Discussion is 45 minutes. Presenters should submit a proposal that includes all members of their group. Accepted panelists may provide the Committee with questions they would like to be asked. The Committee will provide additional questions and invite audience members to ask questions during the session.


  • Open Access Week 2023 Submission Portal Opens June 15
  • Open Access Week 2023 Submission Portal Closes July 31
  • Final decisions made by August 28
  • Notification of decisions sent by September 1
  • Open Access Week 2023 Events will occur during October 23-26.
    • Final scheduling will be determined by presenter availability.

Office Hours

Interested presenters are encouraged to contact the ATO Committee at to schedule a virtual office-hour session to discuss presentation development, accessibility questions, and/or troubleshoot technology.

All accepted presenters are required to meet with the Committee prior to their presentation for a short technical check; these will be scheduled with presenters directly.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must be submitted via the Open Access Week 2023 website no later than 11:59pm EDT July 31, 2023, and MUST include:

  • Title of the session. This will be featured on the site.
  • Author(s) or panel members. This will be featured on the site.
  • Abstract (100-150 words). This will be featured on the site as a description of your session.
  • Desired Track
  • Desired Session Type
  • Desired Date/Time Slot
  • Author Biographies (75 words per author).
  • Author Headshots. Please submit high-quality photos of any filetype as individual additional files labelled with the subject’s name.
  • Optional DEI Statement (100-200 words). If applicable, include a description of the presentation's diversity, inclusivity, and equity frameworks. Submit this as part of the Author Biographies.

Presenters MUST acknowledge the following during the submission process:

  • Presentations will be hosted on Zoom, and the presenter(s) are required to speak with video cameras on unless the presenter(s) requests an accommodation.
  • Presentations will be recorded and will live on the ATO website in perpetuity.
  • Presentations must be licensed under a Creative Commons license. CC-BY licenses are highly encouraged as the least restrictive of the open licenses.
  • Captioning will be provided by the ATO Committee and added to the recordings after the event series concludes.

Charges and Fees

The event series is virtual and free to attend. No payments will be made to any presenter, and no attendee will be required to purchase tickets.

Submit Your Proposal for Open Access Week 2023!