CFP- ATO Week 2023


Call for Proposals

The Kennesaw State University (KSU) Libraries invite all interested parties to submit a proposal for inclusion at the inaugural All Things Open Week, April 3-7, a series of events dedicated to promoting inclusive and intentional open access practices regardless of discipline or audience. If you are passionate about open pedagogy, open data, or open science frameworks, consider sharing your perspective.

The ATO Committee is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their selection process.


The All Things Open (ATO) Committee at KSU is accepting proposals related to the following tracks:

  • Open Access
    • Have you recently worked on a project which included open access materials or resources? Maybe you’ve published a manuscript open access and would like to share your thoughts and opinions on the process. If you’re an open access advocate, this may be the track for you.
  • Open Data
    • Open data is data that anyone can access, use, and share. Open data licensing permits the transforming, combining, and sharing of data with others. Have you created a dataset using an applicable license? We want to hear about it!
  • Open Education and Pedagogy
    • Open Education includes both open pedagogy and the use of OERs (open educational resources). In this track, we hope to learn from open education novices and experts alike.
  • Open Science
    • Open Science promotes collaboration in the scientific community by making research data, lab notes, and other research processes freely available. Has your institution adopted an open science policy, or have you been approved for a grant which stipulates your methods must be shared openly? Tell us about it!
  • Open Source
    • Open source encompasses initiatives which embrace open exchange, collaboration, and community-oriented development. Perhaps you have experience with GitHub, or you’ve developed code for a game. Your project may be of interest to a wider audience!
  • Open Legalities
    • This track encompasses fair use, copyright, and open licensing. Have you been able to use or create “open” works despite copyright stipulations? Or, for example, have you utilized fair use best practices in open educational resources? If you’ve found a creative way to open a door to open access, please share it with us!

Session Types

All Things Open Week 2023 at KSU offers three session types from which presenters may choose. Please be prepared to commit to your preference at the time of proposal submission.

  • Lightning Talks
    • The duration of a Lightning Talk is 15 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes reserved for questions at the conclusion of the talk. This means the total time allotted to Lightning Talks is 20 minutes. This session type is ideal for quick reviews of tools or experiences.
  • Presentations
    • The duration of a Presentations is 40 minutes, with an additional 5-10 minutes reserved for questions at the conclusion of the presentation. This means the total time allotted to Presentations is 45-50 minutes. The Committee encourages presenters to consider fun, interactive presentations that highlight their open access expertise.
  • Q&A Panel Discussions
    • The duration of a Q&A Panel Discussion is 45 minutes. Presenters should submit a proposal that includes all members of their group. Alternatively, there is also an option to submit as an individual panelist for a specific track or topic. Accepted individual panelists will be grouped with other individual panelists of similar or complementary areas of focus. Accepted panelists may provide the Committee with questions they would like to be asked. The Committee will provide additional questions and invite audience members to ask questions during the session. This session type requires at least one planning meeting with the Committee to coordinate group members, session format, and optional pre-written questions.


  • All Things Open Week 2023 Submission Portal Opens January 6
  • All Things Open Week 2023 Submission Portal Closes March 3
  • Final decisions made by March 10
  • Notification of decisions sent by March 15
  • All Things Open Week 2023 Events will occur during April 3-7.
    • Final scheduling will be determined by presenter availability.

Office Hours

The ATO Committee will offer virtual-office-hour sessions for interested presenters and accepted presenters. These sessions will provide support for presentation development, accessibility questions, technical issues, and any other needs.

Office Hours Schedule:

February 8 from 12pm-2pm ET. Join us via Zoom.

February 10 from 12pm-2pm ET. Join us via Zoom.

If you have any trouble logging into Office Hours, please email with your contact information so a direct invite can be sent to you.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals must be submitted via the All Things Open Week 2023 website no later than 11:59pm ET March 3, 2023, and MUST include:

  • Title of the session. This will be featured on the site.
  • Author(s) or panel members. This will be featured on the site.
  • Abstract (100-150 words). This will be featured on the site as a description of your session.
  • Desired Track
  • Desired Session Type
  • Desired Date/Time Slot
  • Optional DEI Statement (100-200 words). If applicable, include a description of the presentation's diversity, inclusivity, and equity frameworks. Submit this as the main file on the submission form.

Presenters MUST acknowledge the following during the submission process:

  • Presentations will be hosted on Zoom, and the presenter(s) are required to speak with video and cameras on unless the presenter(s) requests an accommodation.
  • Presentations will be recorded and will live on the ATO website in perpetuity.
  • Presentations must be licensed under a Creative Commons license. CC-BY licenses are highly encouraged.
  • Captioning will be provided by the ATO Committee and added to the recordings after the event series concludes.

Charges and Fees

The event series is virtual and free to attend. No payments will be made to any presenter, and no attendee will be required to purchase tickets.

Submit Your Proposal for All Things Open Week 2023!