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Emerging Writers Volume 6
Kennesaw State University


Race, Gender, and Curriculum: Theorizing Working in Womanish Ways
Denise Taliaferro, Kirsten T. Edwards, and Nichole A. Guillory


Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis
Jay D. Gatrell, Ryan R. Jensen, Mark W. Patterson, and Nancy Hoalst-Pullen


Wisdom and Philosophy: Contemporary and Comparative Approaches
Andrew K. Whitehead and Hans-Georg Moeller


Blood Don't Lie
Aaron Levy


Women's Choir with Lost Mountain Middle School 7th and 8th Grade Choirs
Grace Johnston, Huijeong Lee, Lindsey Sanders, Bekah Clegg, Aimee Ouellet, Regan Romuno, Tessa Walker, Caty Mae Loomis, Marielle Reed, Rachel Fishback, Joe Donahue, and Brenda Brent


Akerman-Teixeira Duo
Mary Akerman and Robert Teixeira

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