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Environmental disasters in the world are among the leading causes of death in the recent past, and the African continent is no exception: drought, desertification, floods, landslides, hurricanes and earthquakes are prevalent. This paper draws attention to the deadly effects of natural disasters on Africa’s development, using the Star Analysis System in terms of presenting the overall situation in the five regions of the African continent, and identifying the significant threatening and constraining cost of development by showing that the large amounts lost could have been used to achieve sustainable development compared with the areas of sustainable development goals effected with this loss. As a result of these situations, we need, as African Countries, to draw a roadmap for possible solutions of the devastating consequences in the areas of environment, economy and social affairs. We need to plan and cooperate as a unified group countries to deal with natural disaster due to the fragile economy of each individual stat. This paper ends with summary and recommendations for the policy and decision makers.